Say You're Sorry

This past weekend at the Whistler Film Festival, I watched Iuliana Constantinescu pitch “Say You’re Sorry” to a standing-room-only crowd and a jury of three. Our project had made the shortlist, and it was a thrill to watch Iuliana argue passionately and convincingly that it should be the one to take home the prize. Alas, we didn’t win the big money. But we did get a “special jury” prize. I’m not sure what that means, but I know that before she’d even sat back down, people were handing her their cards, offering support. 

I wrote this short screenplay with every intention of putting it in a drawer. But Iuliana’s passion and vision as a director convinced me otherwise. “We’ve worked so hard and come so far,” she said. “We can’t stop now.”

A weird and wonderful weekend during which I learned about pitching, how to recover from complete disorientation in a small village (just keep walking), that the best screenings take place in subterranean bars, and that chanterelles and stop-motion animation are perfect partners.