When I first put this site up, it was because I thought I should. Every writer should have a website, right? And I waffled and procrastinated but then did it because I was thinking, well, no one will even see it, right? Who is going to find this site? I can just play.

And so I tinkered around, posting interesting tidbits, trying to find something that felt natural and that didn’t distract me too much from the writing I should be doing. I imagined it was invisible in the dust storm of information. Who would care? 

But then a friend mentioned she’d checked it out. (Hi Bernie & Herman!) and then my husband told my brother about it, and so now it occurs to me that yes, a couple of people might actually look at this site. 

What I have discovered is that I am not terribly good at posting things regularly. Or at adding any content that is not a link to something else. That I feel strangely exposed writing in this way. In the rare instances where a story of mine struggles into the world, it does so in a way that feels measured, considered and, by the time it appears, distant enough from me that it doesn’t quite feel like mine anymore. I like it that way.

So for now, that’s where you’ll find me. In an upcoming issue of The New Quarterly (Issue 125, appearing in January). At the Canadian Fiction Podcast. And maybe, once in a while, if I have something I really want to say and I won’t feel like I’m completely wasting your time, here. There’s lots of great reading to be done out there! Tally-ho.